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  • Why do my attendees appear twice in my reports or public attendees list

    This is typically caused by a misplaced assigner on the form. This issue is resolved in two steps: Locate the misplaced assigner & update the reg form Remove

  • How to send an email to your attendees

    Event → Registrations → Email Blaster Change any of the filtering options and click Compose Message Enter the Subject and your email content Send Message Now. Note: Only staff and ev

  • How to add an assigner

    The little blue car is the symbol we use on the Registration Form to denote an assigner.  Create an assigner in the Parts Bin and select the information you want to collect. Then drag

  • Why are attendees missing from reports or the public attendee list

    If you have attendees missing from your public attendee list or reports, the most common culprit is missing  assigners. If you have missing assigners, this can be resolved in a 3 step process. 

  • Remove / Disable the Public Attendees List

    You can disable the the public Attendee List and have nothing visible to anyone. Uncheck all of the registration statuses at the top of the page Optionally add a status message to avoid con

  • How to see what your attendees paid for

    The Ordered Inventory report in the Attendee section of reports will give you a rundown of who purchased what: Event → Registrations →Reports →Attendee section →Ordered Inventory

  • Admit a waitlisted attendee

    Event → Registration→Waitlist Select the attendee(s) you'd like to move off of the waitlist by checking the box in front of their name Choose Attendee Status→ Confirmed→ Update  This wil

  • How do I refund an attendee?

    Online refunds back to the original form of payment are easy and free!  In the Payment section of the attendee's registration: Click the Refund button to the bottom right Enter the amoun

  • How to send an email confirmation to an attendee

    While you are in the attendee's registration Click on the registration status icon below the attendee's name  Check the box to re-send receipt Click the update button. If you have

  • How to manually register someone

    On the Registration side of the event →  Add new attendee link (righthand side) Start typing in the attendee's name or email address in the search box →  Select their name from the drop-down list.

  • How to Update an Attendee's registration

    While you are in the attendee's registration Packages & Payments → Edit or Add Packages  Make the changes Save Packages

  • How to give an attendee a credit on their account

    While you are in an attendee's account, you can give them a payment credit that can be applied to future events: 1. Scroll down until you see these 3 tabs on the left-hand side 2. Click on Paym

  • How to copy an attendee from one event to another

    Open the attendee's registration → gear icon (next to name) → copy Select reg options to copy → Continue → Confirm Reg Options → Finish Copying  Note that this does  not move payments. It on

  • How to redeem a discount code for an attendee

    Open the registration → click link for 'credit card' under Monies due Enter discount code at the top of the payment screen Scroll to the bottom & click 'Skip Payment' to process just the disco

  • How to change an attendee´s registration status

     Select the Event → Registrations Click on the attendee's name to open up their registration Click on the registration status below the attendee's name Select the status from the drop-down

  • How to manually reserve a permanent number for an attendee

    Settings → Permanent Numbers  Assign Numbers  Search for the attendee, click on their name once it appears →  Enter their number →  Add 

  • How do I make the list of attendees visible?

    go to the Event → Settings → Attendee List uncheck the box in from of "Restrict Visibility ... " Save

  • Why does my member report show more attendees than my event?

    There are two different classifications of the people in your organization:  your member database (people subscribed to your organization) and attendees that have registered for your events

  • What happens if I blacklist an attendee?

    If an attendee is blacklisted with your organization they will no longer be able to register for your events. If they try to register, they will get the notice below: Blacklisting will only bla

  • Why does my dashboard show more entries than my reports or public attendees list?

    There are a few different reason your dashboard may be showing more entries than your reports or public attendee list. Below are links to each troubleshooting topic related to this issue.

  • How do attendees access club questions?

    Club questions are presented to returning users that haven't logged in within the past 90 days when they register for their next event. If a user returns in the meantime, they can find the club questi

  • Why are you sending emails to my attendees for payment?

    When payments fail, we follow up on your behalf to automatically resolve the outstanding balances which is a process known as "dunning". Here´s how it works -- anytime an account on file is declined,

  • How to create a segment

    Event → Settings → Segments → Add new Segment Optionally enter a number configuration, and specify the classes, class modifiers (PAX), and groups and Save. 

  • How to put a future credit on an attendee's account

    Instead of a refund, you can give an attendee an in-system payment credit to be used exclusively for future events with your organization. Valid credits will be automatically applied at the time of re

  • My cloned event has last year´s attendees

    The registrations/attendee list is not something that is copied over when you clone an event. Since you are seeing attendees listed, it is likely that just the dates of the existing event were changed

  • How to Update Email Notifications (on Join, on Reg, on Payment)

    Club Profile  →  Account Options  Add email to desired notifications  Update Options.

  • How does an attendee view their membership expiration date?

    Drivers, riders and attendees can view their membership expiration date under:  My Account → Edit My Information →  Club Memberships  Find Club →  Edit  The expiration date will appear

  • How to locate an attendee's MotorsportReg account

    When a participant has an existing account but you can't see it, you can " promote" these accounts to your organization's database.  Go to Members (in the top black navigatio

  • Why can't I see groups, classes or numbers on the Attendee List?

    You can only display the information you are collecting. Here are a few things to check:  You have checked those things you want to display in the Attendee List. Your assigner is collect

  • Why doesn't the information show up on the Attendee List?

    To make the list visible or update the information that is displayed: Event → Settings → Attendee List uncheck "Restrict Visibility to registered attendees only and hide from public?" 

  • How to process online check-in

    The entire registration is loaded with a check-in widget at the top which provides helpful prompts, especially for less experienced registrars: Confirm the participant's identity, membership, l

  • At the track registration

    As long as you have an internet connection, you can process registrations at the track. You have 2 options: You can provide computers/tablets/phones to allow attendees to register themselves.

  • How does waitlisting work?

    Waitlist works by allowing attendees to register for an event, once a specific item has sold out. Once the item has sold out (if that item is set to allow waitlisting) a waitlist is started and the at

  • How to make batch updates to attendees (class,group,number)

    Registrations →  Assignments link Filter at the top (optional)  Use the drop down next to each attendee to update the desired field (group, class, number etc) 

  • How do I make payment optional?

    Using our deferred payment processing, you can occasionally allow attendees to register online but pay offline. The workflow is similar to making a hotel reservation:  Set the event up for defe

  • How to issue credits in bulk

    First, put all registrations in a canceled status:  Event → Registrations → Attendees Check the box to the left of the Choose Attendee Status box to select all of the registrations Sele

  • How to sign in as an administrator/event organizer

    Your login credentials (username & password) are the same whether you are logging in as administrator or an attendee, the only difference is where you log in.  Use the  Organizer link In the up

  • What is an assigner and do I need one?

    If you want attendee's names to show up on reports and the public attendee list,  you need an assigner (little blue car). Assigners collect entry information, like: The attendee's name   Th

  • How do I stop the collection emails from going out?

    Charges that fail to go through are put in a dunning queue that is shown on the top of the Payments screen. You can remove an attendee from receiving the dunning emails:  Event → Registratio

  • How does the co-driver picker work? (Long Doc)

    Co-Driver Pickers are a Premium Plan feature that allow participants to share vehicles and form teams. Placing a Co-Driver Picker on your registration form will allow one attendee to pick another to i

  • How season registration works

    You set up one event with all of the events listed in it (with a segment and assigner for each event as well as an assigner for the whole season). Attendees can register for the whole season, each

  • How to cancel your event

    On the Basic Settings page, append "- CANCELLED" to your event name and  Set the Registration close date to yesterday's date and Save.  In the Advertisement section of the Text & Waiver, add s

  • How do I suspend my event?

    Settings → Basic Settings  Toggle Suspend Registrations? to Yes When suspending an event, it's best to add a note to the text & waiver section to remind your attendees to come back and regis

  • How to delete a registration

    Click on the attendee's name  Click registration status below the name Select "deleted" from the drop-down list → update. You are only able to delete a registration if there is no paymen

  • How to add a fee to a registration

    You can add, edit or updated packages to a registration by  Click on the Attendee's name to open the registration Edit or Add Package Enter a 1 in front of Price Adjustment

  • How to setup season registration or multipacks

    Setting up season registration is a 3 step process Skip to  video tutorial Create a season event for attendee's to purchase the season bundle Add a season entry package to

  • How do I process deferred payments?

    You can charge individual attendees by clicking the green charge my account button in the payment section of their registration.  Or, follow these steps to charge them all at once:  Go to th

  • How to approve registrations before processing payment

    Premium Plan customers can use this workflow: Set payment for the event to Deferred (that will collect the payment information, but not charge their credit card). You will be notified when

  • How to manage a membership event

    This is the workflow for manual membership processing:  The attendee registers for your membership event to purchase/renew their membership and this triggers an email to the registrar. The

  • Lock Dates - How to prevent edits to specific packages and questions?

    To allow attendee's to edit their registration but prevent specific items from being edited on the form you'll want to: Turn post-reg editing on (basic settings page) Registration form →  S