Managing Inventory

First, head over to Event Settings → Form Builder

Classic Form Builder:

Entry Package

Inventory is managed by clicking on a package or entry-package from the Parts Bin (Left pane) These will be indicated by dollar sign and car icons . Here you can set limits on sales of items or entry into your event.

The number "Available" will be the limit itself - in this case 20 is the total number of registrations allowed in this event. Both the member registration and daily member/non-member registration are assigned to this Total Registrations.

"Sold to Date" would be the number of goods already sold to registered attendees.

The red X is used to delete an inventory item (Be sure it is not assigned to anything currently on your Form Layout)

Note: Zero is equal to UNLIMITED in the number available

Terms on the Inventory Panel:

  • Min - the minimum number of this package that must be ordered per registration
  • Max - the maximum number of this package that can be ordered per registration
  • Default - if min and max are not the same, what number the registration form will start out with when first loaded by the attendee and may be changed by the user
  • Comps/Free - the number that can be selected before the attendee is charged

Subject to nesting, grouping and branching on the form layout, the purchase limits therefore mandate:

  • If minimum is non-zero, the package is effectively required.
  • If minimum and maximum are the same - the user will be forced to buy that number and the default quantity will be ignored
  • Packages placed in a group do not use the minimum field to require a selection - if you require the user to select one of the packages in a group, choose the required field on the Group
  • If minimum and maximum are not 0 and 1 respectively, the user will be presented with a dropdown box letting them select the appropriate quantity between min and max

Package Options:

Allow waitlisting - Allows attendees to partially register after the maximum number available is filled. These attendees will not be officially "in" the event. It will collect all their entry information and event questions, but will not prompt them for payment until they are accepted by a registrar into the event.

Accept credits - Allows your attendee to use club-credits to purchase this item during registration

Accept discounts - Similar to credits, allows your attendee to use a discount during checkout to apply to the cost of this item

A thorough explanation of setting up Packages and Entry Packages is here: Packages and Inventory

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