How to clone an event

Got a good thing going - why not use it as the starting point for your next event? Jumpstart your event set-up by cloning an existing one: 

  1. Events → Add new event → Clone Event or Template
  2. In the Clone Previous Event drop-down select the event you want to copy and click Continue

  3. When you get to the next screen, update the information for the NEW event (including package description, pricing, Text and Copy)
  4. Click Clone Event Now.

Upon submitting the form, everything about the event will stay the same with the exception of the information you just entered. We suggest you review the following for any event or date-specific details:

Use the preview tool to see each step exactly as it will appear to your attendees.

Have attendees in your new event before registration is open?? This typically is caused by updating the last event instead of creating a new one. If this happens, set the event details back to the previous event and follow step one above to create a new one. 

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