What is an Event Segment?

Segments allow you to break out information and entry lists for part of an event. It is helpful to think of segments in terms of your reporting needs. Here are some examples:

  • You have a 2-day event and attendees can participate in either day (or both) -- you would have a segment for Day 1 and a segment for Day 2.
  • You have a social event that includes a tour and a dinner --  you would have 1 segment for the Tour and another for the Dinner. 
  • You have a multi-part event that includes racing and an enduro -- you would have a segment for the Race and a segment for the Enduro.
  • You have an event that includes the purchase of a membership if the attendee is not already a member -- you would have 1 segment for the Event and a segment for Membership. 

For each segment, you can establish the parameters for participation -- you can specify what classes, groups and numbers are allowed.

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