MSR Glossary

Below is a list of frequently used terms and what they mean.  Please see Related Articles below for a deeper dive into each term.  Have a suggestion for this page?  Email us at

Term Definition
Assignment The combination of a person + vehicle + run group + number.
Attendee List List of people registered for the event.  Also known as the public entry list.
Attendees  Person(s) registered for an event.
Batch UI Batch UI (user interface) screens include the Attendees and Entries screen.  These screens allow you to batch repetitive actions for quicker processing.
Class Modifier (aka PAX) Designed to support options such as PAX indexing in SCCA-style autocross events.  Class modifiers are a secondary designation that is appended to the class in certain reports, such as timing and can be used to provide additional class granularity.
Collections Also known as a Group or Branch.  Collections allow attendees to select one or many options nested within the collection.
Entries Entries give detail of how attendees are participating in your event
Entry Product Entry products are used to sell an entry. They enforce pricing & inventory and collect entry info such as attendee name, vehicle year, make & model, class, group & vehicle number.
Event Questions Questions collecting arbitrary data from a user during registration.
Form Builder The backside of the registration form.  Also see Form Layout and Parts Bin
Form Layout Controls the order and nesting of the registration form.
Inventory Used with a package, inventory is the physical part of what you are selling.  Also controls how many items can be sold.
Member Status Identify active, expired, inactive and blacklisted members.  Helpful for filtering Reports and Email Blaster
Member Type Allows you to segment data for filtering emails, reports and registration form options.  
Number Pools Number pools force attendees to select from a list of available numbers instead of typing in any number and possibly creating duplicates.
Packages Used with inventory, sets pricing for what you are
Parts Bin Parts Bin allows you to create, clone and delete the parts used on the registration form.
Per-Registration Limits Purchase limits control how many times each attendee can 
Profile Questions (aka Club Question) Used to collect information that is unique to your organization that tends to not change from event to event.  Example: Driver license number, Upload copy of racing license
Segment Segments allow you to break out information and entry lists for part of an event. For each segment, you can establish the parameters for participation -- you can specify what classes, groups and numbers are allowed. NOTE: you can run reports by segments
Validation Rules Validation rules are used to enforce a variety of criteria including membership, specific vehicle details, or enforce specific actions are taken
Vehicle Questions Used to collect additional vehicle specific information not already collected in the vehicle profile. Example:  Engine Manufacturer, Tire Size

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