Text & Waiver | How to update advertisement, waiver and confirmation email

The four steps below of the registration process can be tailored per event:

  1. Advertisement - first page from your direct link or the calendar
  2. Pre-Registration Requirements - more details and requirements
  3. Registration form - controlled by our form builder
  4. Confirmation - on-screen and via email

Only the Advertisement and Pre-Reg Requirements are available to the public. To go beyond, an account is required. It's best to include at least a logo and basic pricing info on the Advertisement page. You can also include a schedule or event specific information here. 

The waiver will appear on the form layout and require the attendee acknowledge it before they can complete the registration. This is a good place to enter your event waiver for your attendees to see prior to the event, however it doesn't replace the paper copy signed at the track.

The Confirmation Page will list all packages, the order total and any payments were made. You can customize the text in the middle of the screen.

Web confirmation

Last but not least is the Confirmation Email.  A "thank-you" along with any reminders about requirements, lodging and rules are generally listed here.

Email confirmation

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