How do I send text messages?

There are two ways you can send text messages using the Text Message Blaster app–through any batch list or from the Email/Text blaster screen.

Sending text messages from batch lists

  1. Select any number of people in your batch list (People, Attendees, or Entries)
  2. Choose Action → Send text message  →  Compose text
  3. Use Sends At to schedule the day and time for the email blast to be sent.
  4. Draft your text message  → Send

Sending text messages from Email/Text blaster

  1. People → Email/Text blaster → Send new
  2. Text message
  3. Define a list of recipients by including everyone or creating a custom list
  4. Draft your text message  → Send

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I text anyone with a mobile number? No. Your attendees will need to opt-in and agree to receive text messages from you. Once you have turned on the Text Message Blaster app, your attendees will have the option to opt-in to receive messages when they register or when they join your organization.
  2. How do people opt-in? Attendees can opt-in to receive text messages from you when they register for any of your events or when they join your organization.
  3. How can my attendees opt-out? Attendees can choose to opt-out and stop receiving text messages from you at any time. The easiest way is for them to login to their account and edit their club membership details
  4. What if not all of my attendees have opted in to receive text messages? When you draft a new text message to send, you will have the option to send the message via email to anyone who has not yet opted in to receive messages from your organization.

Note: Text messages are purchased by account. If you have multiple sub-accounts, you'll want to purchase a package for each sub-account.

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