What kind of reporting do you have?

The majority of the reports in our system are formatted like a spreadsheet with rows and columns for information. These reports can be customized, filtered, exported and saved by. 

We have over 50 canned reports. They are divided into sections by the type of report:  

  • Members - everyone who has "joined your organization on MSR" or registered for an event
  • Attendees - everyone registered for a single event
  • Attendees + Assignments - everyone registered for a single event along with their entry information (class, group, #) for a single event
  • Labels - print Avery mailing labels, name tags, etc.
  • Financials - reconcile event payments, credits and discounts
  • Detail Reports - pre-formatted, one page reports generally designed for at-the-event use
  • Accounting - non-event specific information like pay period deposits and outstanding & redeemed credits
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