Why are you sending emails to my attendees for payment?

When payments fail, we follow up on your behalf to automatically resolve the outstanding balances which is a process known as "dunning". Here´s how it works -- anytime an account on file is declined, the attendee is added to a dunning queue which triggers the following process:

  • The attendee receives a daily email explaining the situation with directions for updating their payment information.
  • When an attendee updates their payment information, we automatically charge the card and the balance due is cleared.
  • Organizers are notified whenever an outstanding balance is paid off.
  • After two weeks, if the balance has not been paid, we notify the organizer of a potential bad debt with alternative ways of contacting the attendee and further suggestions.

Organizers can review their dunning queue at any time by looking at the top of the Payments screen: Event → Registrations → Payments → Declined Payments

With deferred payment processing, it is not uncommon for some of the accounts on file to fail when charged. This can be caused by several issues outside of your control -- the card was stolen or used fraudulently and canceled, the cardholder received a new card in the mail, the cardholder has moved and the address verification no longer passes, it is a debit card with insufficient funds. 

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