How season registration works

  • You set up one event with all of the events listed in it (with a segment and assigner for each event as well as an assigner for the whole season).
  • Attendees can register for the whole season, each individual event, or any combination of events in the series.
  • You use our package locking feature to disable the ability to change a prior selection after a date of your choosing (ie - after one of the events has passed). 

Contact us if you are interested in this feature and we will help you get it set up.


  • Enables you to offer a discount for signing up for the whole season.
  • Allows you to have each of the individual events in one registration form (you would not have to copy them to the individual series events). 
  • Attendees can just update their registration, they don't need to register for the events separately. 

NOTE: If you use our online check-in feature, you will have to change your attendee's registration status back to new/confirmed after the event. 

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