Returning Event Organizers

Returning Event Organizers

The below information provides an overview of the settings you need to review and highlights the areas you may need to update when creating your new events. It will walk you through the new event setup, with a suggested order for making changes.

Club Settings

These are global settings that can apply to any of your events.  Here you'll be able to add new venues, classes, and/or groups, modifiers, create or edit any unique or reserved number pools, and give admin access to any new admins. If you have any of those changes, make them first. 

Text & Waiver

Start making changes here, as it will help you think through the changes you need to make on the Registration Form. Each section has two toolbars that allow you to input information that will be displayed to the attendee as they move through the registration pages. The toolbars allow you to add links, uploaded images, and format text.


The new form builder allows you to see segments directly within the form builder.  Segments are different parts of your event so if you have a 3-day event and attendees can either participate in the whole event or not at all - you only have one part and you only need one segment.  Conversely, if you have a three-day event that consists of a Friday test day, a Saturday race, and a Sunday race you have three parts to your event and you’ll want 3 segments.  

Information you may need to update includes, the number configuration if you're using reserved or unique number pools.  Classes, groups, and/or modifiers.  If you would like classes to be automatically assigned to groups, use the mapping tool within the segment.

Parts Bin

Here you can update or create new parts for the form layout.  The main components of the parts bin are event questions, basic products and entry products.  You'll also find organizational tools text blocks and collections.

Form Layout

On the left side of the Formbuilder is the Form Layout.  Here you will arrange the options to appear in the order the attendee will see on the registration form.  Clicking on an item in the Form Layout will open the edit screen, allowing you to restrict visibility by date or by member type. 

You'll also want to look at any validation rules to make sure you want to keep those for your event.

Attendee List 

This is your entry list and it pulls items from the entry product on the registration form.  You can choose to make the class, group, vehicle, number, etc. visible.  You can also decide if you want the attendee list to be public or limited to attendees from this event only.  This should reflect any setup changes you have made in the segments. 

Basic Settings 

First impressions are everything!  Be sure to put some thought into the name of your event and add a hero image. This information will be displayed on the MSR calendar and will be the first thing an attendee sees about your event.  Also on the Basic Settings page, you can update & review the venue, event dates, reg open & close dates, cancellation policy, default registration status, payment method, default attendee status, and registrar.  

Once you're ready for the event to go live, you'll want to change the event visibility to Public so the event shows up on the master MotorsportReg calendar. 

Preview and Test

Send the direct link to a few people to test out (have them go as far as the Preview Order step).


This is a bird's eye view of what's going on with your event. You will see the last 5 registration and a running total of inventory items.

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