What are the premium plan features?

The Premium Plan is full of many features to help you streamline your registration and increase participation. Below is a listing of a few of our most popular premium features: 

Online Payments

The most defining feature of the premium plan is that it allows for online payment processing. This allows your attendee's to register and pay for their events online. Along with payment processing, we also have an  automatic dunning process that will help track down any failed payments so you don't have to! 

Abandon Reg Emails

Want a few more attendee's in your event? We can help fill it! We send out abandon reg emails anytime an attendee begins the registration process for your event but clicks away before finishing. These email have proven to produce 2-6% more entries by simply improving the conversion rate.

Membership Validation

On the premium plan, you can both manage your organizations  memberships and licenses as well as add validation rules to your event that prevent non-members from registering. These rules can also be used to enforce a discounted rate for members instead. 

Surveys & Elections

Want to send out a survey for feedback on your last event or need to conduct an  election for your board of directors? With our surveys & elections tool you can send our surveys or conduct secure elections. Elections can be locked down to prevent any tampering and provide accurate results. 

For additional information and a larger listing of premium features, feel free to check out our pricing & plans page. 

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