How to create a validation rule (enforce membership)

  1. Event Settings →  Form Builder 
  2. Select the item in the form layout (middle pane) you'd like to enforce the membership or validation rule on (Figure 1)
  3. Click Add Rule (Figure 2)
  4. Set parameters - validation rules work as a series of If/Then statements. Use these to enforce criteria are met during an attendee's registration. An example is a required membership to participate. (Figure 3)
  5. Test it out - always try a scenario that (should) pass your validation, and what that should trigger your new rule to stop your registration. Preview in Form Builder is good for testing these live.

Membership validation will look like: If → membership is valid during registration →  if false →  require non-member option

Figure 1:

Figure 2:

Figure 3:

Note: If these do not seem to work on your event, we may need to activate the "Verify Membership" feature of your account. Contact our Support team to activate membership verification.

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