Error messages and system notifications

This doc will cover a few of the error messages you may encounter as you make adjustments to your events. These notifications help prevent mistakes and are typically a quick fix to resolve.

Common Error Messages & Notifications

Registrar has restricted groups/classes available in a way that will not allow you to complete registration
You must select at least one fee-based item from the order form
We were unable to complete the merge. 
Unable to delete - try again or reload the form builder.
Items nested beneath an assigner (little blue car)
Has an age requirement. Update your date of birth here. 
Because transponder is invalid for (vehicle selected) - edit transponder number
Membership is invalid

Registrar has restricted groups/classes available 

    This error is caused when the classes or groups have been updated in a  segment or in your club profile while an assigner is still tied to the previous settings. To resolve:

  1. Settings → Registration Form → Parts Bin
  2. Click thru your assigners and to find the group/class selection grayed out with no options to select from when clicked.

    This means the class or group assignment that was previously available in the assigner has since been deleted from your segment. Update the assigner or add the class/groups back to your segment to resolve. 


    Find any  assigners that have a number and letter combination listed instead of your class/group. 
    This means the class/group that used to be forced by the assigner has since been deleted from the club profile. Update the assigner to select the correct class/group option or turn off the class/group requirement to resolve.

Must select at least one fee based item

    This error is caused when the attendee hasn't selected a package from the registration form prior to checking out. It often occurs when no packages are available to the attendee at the time of registration. 

  1. Settings → Registration Form 
  2. Ensure you have a package on the form layout.
    If there is no package available, create a new package (can be free) and add it to the form layout 
  3. Check to see if there are any date restrictions (timers) on the packages. 
    Form Layout Edit Pane

    If there are timers on the package, update the dates to allow the package to display OR remove the dates completely. 

    Member Type Restrictions
    Verify that there are no member type restrictions on the package by selecting it from the form layout.

    If a member type is unchecked any user who has that member type on their account will not be able to see the package. Recheck the box for member type or update the attendee's member type in their MSR profile to match the available options. 

Nesting items beneath an assigner 

    Nesting items beneath an assigner can cause unexpected results. 

    If you have errors occurring or have incorrect packages pulling into an attendee's registration, check to ensure you don't have anything nested beneath an assigner on your reg form.

    1.  Unnest the items so they appear at the same level as the assigner 
      Improper nesting Proper nesting

No records returned (reports) 

    No records returned most commonly means your attendee's are missing assignments in their registration. More information on how to update and resolve this issue can be found in our docs

DOB Validation Error

    This error is caused when you have a validation rule on the event with age restrictions. An attendee can clear this error by entering their profile and entering their DOB under their account details. 

Transponder validation error

    This error occurs when an attendee doesn't have a valid transponder number listed in their vehicle profile. The attendee can update this by click edit next to their vehicle or by updating the vehicle in their garage. 

    If you need to override this rule for an attendee, simply enter 0000 for their transponder # and it will meet the requirements to allow them to continue. 

Member verification / validation error

Merge error 

    This typically occurs when the attendee you are looking to merge has a registration for the same event in each profile.  To resolve, you'll want to  delete one of the registrations from the event. 

Unable to delete (form builder error)

    This error occurs when you try to delete something from the parts bin (left column) before it's been removed from the registration form.
    Items can only be deleted in this order: Form Layout →  Parts Bin → Inventory 

    1. Right click the item in the form layout you'd like to remove (middle column)  → Delete
    2. Delete the item from the parts bin 
    3. Remove the item from your inventory (click any package in the parts bin, click the x next to the inventory item)

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