How to merge duplicate accounts

  1. Members → Merge Duplicate
  2. Search for duplicate → Select/check duplicate accounts → View Selected Accounts
  3. Review to ensure they are the SAME person → Retain account with login info or the correct email.
  4. Merge Accounts Now. 

Note: Once you merge accounts, this cannot be reversed. Make sure you double and triple check the accounts before merging.

Merging Errors

If you receive an error while merging, it is likely the attendee has a registration for the same event in both accounts. One of the registrations (w/out payment or the canceled reg) will need to be  deleted. Once one of the registrations has been deleted, you can try to merge again.

  1. Search both accounts previous experience for a registration in the same event
  2. Open the canceled registration or registration w/out payment
  3. Switch registration status to deleted
  4. Once deleted, try the merge again

Note: If the duplicate registration belongs to another organization, you will be unable to remove it to perform the merge. Contact customer service for additional assistance

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