How to Create An Admin Package

To remove the balance due from appearing on Attendee's accounts:

Create an Admin Package:

Locate the event from the Dashboard or Events →  Settings → Registration Form Tab

  1. Parts Bin →  plus signAdd New Package
  2. Name it Admin Adjustment  Set the price to -1, set the max purchase limit to the highest amount you would want to credit (ie - 1000). 
  3. Create an Inventory Item: Add Item → Click New Item which changes it to an editable field → Label it Admin Adjustment → Hit Enter to save text → Save

 Do not move this item into the form - it stays in the Parts Bin column. This is so that it is only accessible to the Admin

Remove a Balance Due from displaying on Attendee's account:

    • Registrations Tab → Click Attendee's Name 
      Scroll to Packages and Payments →  Edit or Add Packages :
    • Select the Admin Adjustment Package → Enter Dollar amount →
       Click Save Packages

    This will display as Balance Due : $0.00 and the attendee will no longer show it on their Account:

    This is a better format than removing the packages, since the registration information will still be available for record keeping of what was originally ordered.

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