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If your organization needs help finding volunteers, officials, flaggers, corner workers, etc., we can send an email blast to our opt-in list of folks who are willing to lend an extra hand. This is a free service we extend to our  Premium or White Label plan customers as a courtesy, but is not part of any plan and may not be available on demand. Inquire with our support team to request a blast.

Note: The email blast is sent to everyone on the list within 300 miles or so of your event. It is not specific to sanctioning body. For example, we don't have the ability to send it to SCCA members only. Agreeing to send the email is at our sole discretion and is based on a variety of factors including frequency, location and organizer.

Sample Content for Email Blast

You provide the "organizer" content between the lines:

SUBJECT: Workers Wanted- Grand Prix at COTA

This is the “Workers Wanted” mailing list from

Our friends at Club Go Fast are looking for volunteers to work their upcoming Grand Prix event on April 1st. Here’s what organizer Registrar Randy has to say:


Need Great On-Track Volunteers! 

Come out to the beautiful Circuit of the Americas in Austin, TX for the weekend of April 1st - 3rd. We’re holding the loudest, messiest, craziest event in motorsports!

The event starts Friday with an early training and registration dinner. Saturday and Sunday you’ll have the best seat in the house- ON TRACK.

We’re looking for the following specialties:
- Flag and Communications (F&C) - Radio and flag track conditions. You are the first line of communication with race control.
- Track Marshal - Get out there and pick up bikes as they go down. You will be in the thick of the action. Recommended for folks who can lift heavy objects and run in gravel traps.
- Medic Assist - You will be assisting the medic on track. Picking up riders and carrying equipment to get out there fast.

The weekend comes with COTA goodies, all meals, free camping and more than a few surprises!

Sign up at

Registrar Randy

Circuit of the Americas
Grand Prix Event
April 1- 3 (Fri-Sun)

Keep the shiny side up!
Brian Ghidinelli
Founder, MotorsportReg

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