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If your organization needs help finding instructors we can send an email blast to our opt-in list of folks who are willing to lend an extra hand. This is a free service we extend to our   Premium or White Label plan customers as a courtesy, but is not part of any plan and may not be available on demand. Inquire with our support team to request a blast.

Note: The email blast is sent to everyone on the list within 300 miles or so of your event. It is not specific to sanctioning body. For example, we don't have the ability to send it to BMW CCA members only. Agreeing to send the email is at our sole discretion and is based on a variety of factors including frequency, location and organizer.

Sample Content for Email Blast

You provide the "organizer" content between the lines:

SUBJECT: Instructors Needed- Thunderhill this Monday

You probably have Monday off for the holiday weekend, so why not have some fun at the track? The folks at We Teach Driving have an event at Thunderhill this Monday, 5/30, and are looking for a few more instructors.

Below are the details from organizer Ian Instructor.

We Teach Driving is in need of 8 very experienced instructors for our track day coming up on May 30th.

What we need you to do- provide one-on-one instruction for 4 sessions with one student.  

What you will get- free track time in our A group which is open passing.

This track day is a 3 group day so you will get a lot of track time and it is on the 5 mile track at Thunderhill.

If you are interested in instructing for us please email, with your experience as an instructor and your contact information.

Thank you for your time.

We Teach Driving
Thunderhill Raceway- 5 mile course
Monday, May 30th

Register by sending your experience and contact information to Ian at

Keep the shiny side up!
Brian Ghidinelli

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