Last Minute Track Specials email blast

If your organization needs help filling an event, we can send an email blast to our opt-in list of tens of thousands of potential attendees. Most blasts reach between 2,000 and 6,000 enthusiasts (no worries on us sending it to people that are already registered for the event - we automatically exclude them).

This is a free service we extend to our  Premium or White Label plan customers as a courtesy, but is not part of any plan and may not be available on demand.

  1. Create a discount code for at least 20% off. 
  2. Submit your request. (Be sure to have the copy for the blast ready)

Note: The email blast can only go out within 2 weeks of the event and is sent to everyone on the list within 300 miles of your event. We try to avoid sending the blast to those already registered. Deal must be open to all levels of drivers and all vehicle makes. Agreeing to send the email is at our sole discretion and is based on a variety of factors including frequency, location and organizer.

Sample Content for Email Blast

You provide the "organizer" content between the lines:

SUBJECT: GOFAST at Hallet this weekend - 20% discount code!

This is the "Last Minute Track Specials" mailing list from

Tired of seeing big corporations get all of the bailout money? How about a 20% economic stimulus package for your track budget? That's what GOFAST is offering as an incentive to attend their two-day event at Hallet this weekend, September 12-13 when you use discount code "GOFASTER". 

Here's what organizer Speed Racer has to say:


You, your car, our instructors... helping you realize your true driving potential.

Isn't it time to get you and your high-performance car on the same page? GOFAST driving events can help you develop the skills you'll need to get the most out of both your car and it's driver. GOFAST events are open to all makes and models of cars. GOFAST events also provide seasoned, veteran track dogs with plenty of laps and seat time to hone their skills and tune their cars.

Additionally, participants will get to drive "both" directions of Hallett: counter-clock on Saturday, clock-wise on Sunday - two tracks for the price of one weekend! Costs for the event at Hallett is $250 for two full days on track. Please pass this information along to your fellow drivers, rookie or experienced, and register online at

See you at the track!
Speed Racer


HPDE at Hallett
Saturday Sep 12 - Sunday Sep 13
$112.50/day or $225 for weekend
Registration CLOSES Thursday, September 10 at 11:59PM Central. Use discount code GOFASTER when registering! 

Keep the shiny side up, 
Brian Ghidinelli

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