Member Types - What are they and How do I use them

Member types are useful for segmenting your participants. You can use member types to:
  • Filter reports
  • Send targeted emails
  • Limit the visibility of options on the registration form

Create Custom member types

There are 2 standard member types, Attendee and Instructor.  You can create up to 28 additional custom member types.  

Do NOT remove the default Attendee member type. A number of basic functions are triggered by the Attendee member type and it will create unexpected results if you remove it. 

To create a custom member type:

  1. Settings (left-hand navigation menu) → Member Types
  2. Add Member Type
  3. Enter the information for the new member type
  4. Save Member Type.

How to assign member types

Member types can be assigned to a participant's profile individually or in bulk.  To add a member type to a single participant, locate the participant's profile by:

  1. People > Search > click on the participant's name to open their profile or 
  2. From an event, locate the participant's registration, click on the participant's name to open their registration, and click on their name one more time to open their profile.
  3. Membership Details > Edit membership details
  4. Select the Type (do not unselect Attendee)
  5. Save

Assign member types in bulk:

  1. People > scroll to locate the participant> check the box in front of the participant's name
  2. Repeat for each participant 
  3. Choose action 
  4. Add member type
  5. to select the member type to be assigned
  6. Apply

Member Types can also be added from within an event.  Go to Registrations > Attendee > follow the steps above to assign member type to an individual or in bulk.

Filter by Member Type

To filter a list by Member type, select Filter, select the Type you want to see, click Close.

Filtering can be done from:

  • People Screen
  • Email/Text Blaster
  • Attendees (Event Registration)
  • Entries (Event Registration)
  • Reports
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