How to create discount codes

  1. Settings →  Discount Codes →  Add new discount
  2. Enter the following parameters for your discount code: 
  • Code: this is the actual code you hand out to people
  • Amount: the amount of discount afforded by the code (dollar amount or a percentage off)
  • Description: what the code is for
  • Event Type: allows the code to be restricted to a specific event. 
  • Member Type: the member types the discount should be available to
  • 1st Timers?: limit the discount to first-time participants in your organization
  • Quantity: the # of unique participants who can redeem this code before it becomes unavailable (0 = unlimited).
  • Per-Member: the # of times that a single person can redeem this code (0 = unlimited). *Effectively limits how many events a participant can use the same discount code. If a member redeems the code at three events, that would count as three against the quantity available (if not set to 0).
  • Order Minimum: the minimum amount people must spend in order to redeem this discount code.
  • Max Discount: for percentage-based discounts, the maximum amount that someone can save by redeeming this code. If the percentage is 10% and the max discount is $25, registrations over $250 would be capped at a $25 discount.

At this time, a discount code may only be restricted to a single event or all events. If you want to restrict it to a range of events, consider using either a date range or multiple discount codes to cover the events in question.

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