How to test registration prior to opening an event

It's always a good idea to preview your event and test a few registrations before going live to make sure the form looks and behaves the way you anticipated.  

Preview the Form

  1. Go into the Settings of the event → Event Preview
  2. Click the link for the step and member type you'd like to test
  3. Review advertisement copy and test options

Everything looks good and functions correctly?  Excellent!  Next step.

Test a few registrations

You have 2 options here.  You can either 1) manually register a few people yourself or 2) enlist the help of a few friends.

Option 1

  1. On the Registration side of the event →  Add new attendee link ("+" on right-hand side)
  2. Start typing in the attendee's name or email address in the search box →  Select their name from the drop-down list.
  3. Or click the link to Create new member and add to event
  4. Select to register using the registration form (that is the default setting).
  5. Register as the attendee would.

TIP: When you manually register an attendee as an event organizer you get to skip the payment screen and bonus! Manual registrations do not receive any confirmation emails.  Once you're good with the test, be sure to delete the registration before opening the registration.

Option 2

  1. Set the registration open date to the current date
  2. Keep event visibility set to Private
  3. Set the Payment to Not Accepted.  Why change the payment status?  Processing payment will create a permanent record in the database.  We want to delete any test registrations so the Payment method should be changed to prevent any accidental charges
  4. Send the direct link (from the Basic Settings page) to your helpers

I'm done testing.  Now what?

Time to go live!

  1. Delete any test registrations
  2. Confirm and make any necessary changes to the Registration open and close dates.
  3. Set Payment back to either Deferred or Charge at Registration
  4. Set the event visibility to Public (unless this is a Private event in which case leave it be.)
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