How to upload a membership file

Premium plan customers can handle membership upload a CSV file as their verification source. Generally this is a file provided monthly by a national organization or generated from their membership system.

It must be a comma-separated values (CSV) file with no header row and with fields ordered left to right like:

Member Number, Email, First, Last, Expiration Date

The email is optional. Expiration dates must be formatted mm/dd/yyyy and the file must be 4MB or less. Some sample data would look like:

1234,,Ines,Intermediate,12/31/2011 4232,,Tom,Teacher,8/1/2010 2933,,Freddy,Fast,12/31/2009

To Upload: 

  1. Club Profile → Account Options 
  2. Enable the Membership App
  3. Under Verify Membership check the box to enable lookups 
  4. Upload your membership file

Once successfully uploaded and processed, for any member that does not pass test #1 above, we will look up against this list for verification. We recommend updating this data monthly to keep it reasonably current with new members.

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