How Membership Validation Works

Verification is a two-step process:

  1. Check member profile for an expiration date in the future and not inactive: This is the quick check. We don't change member status and we don't verify the name or member number. If the expiration date is in the future, either someone (a registrar) or something (the verification service on a prior attempt) has set the date in the future and we trust it. To keep things fast, we only perform the full check below when we find the membership is not valid (e.g., the expiration date is empty or in the past)
  2. If that fails, use the full verification service to match name and member number: If we use our verification service, we automatically set the member status to Approved, New, or Expired depending on the result of the look up each time someone registers for an event or when triggered manually by a registrar. You can also use our validation rules to enforce certain actions on your registration forms.

Note: If the member profile passes the quick check of the expiration date, they will pass any "member must be valid" validation rules. They will not, however, have their member status changed as that may override a manual change by an organizer.


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