What are the Event Organizer Permissions?

We strongly encourage you to set up a secondary Eventmaster (see role below) on your account to protect you from losing access. The secondary administrator should have their own email address.

When you give a  member access to your account, you can determine the level of access (role) and the specific type of access (permissions) they will have.

Roles - 2 levels of Administrative Access

  • Eventmaster - checking this box grants all administrative access to this member, including the ability to give others admin access to the organization. This permission level is required to update banking information.
  • Staff - checking this box grants all administrative access to this member, excluding the ability to give others admin access to the organization or update banking information.

Permissions - dial in the administrator's ability to view & edit information

  • Read - Enables the ability to view all information within the account, but not to change any information (no edit or delete). All admins have this access by default. Note that this access will not allow the admin to send out email blasts.
  • Write - Enables the ability to view, change or edit information, including sending email blasts, within the account, but not delete any information.
  • Delete - Enables the ability to read, edit, and delete the information within the account.

It is our policy at Hagerty | MotorsportReg.com not to edit administrative permissions for organizations. 

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