Third Party Application Developer Guidelines


There are two types of integrations with MotorsportReg:

  1. Private or "in-house" integrations that are organization-specific and not generally used by other organizations
  2. Public integrations that are designed to be used by or sold to any organization on MotorsportReg

This document provides guidelines for developers who are building the second type of integration with MSR.

Requesting Access

Third-party application developers need to request a Consumer Key and Secret in order to authenticate with our API using three-legged OAuth 1.0a. You can submit your request using this form.

You can obtain our OAuth endpoints at under "Authentication".

Test Environment

If you do not currently have access to a MotorsportReg account and need test data, you may request a demo sandbox when you request your credentials above.

Licensing & Attribution

Usage of the MotorsportReg API has a few simple attribution and branding requirements. We've also made our required assets and guidelines available to you.

Unless previously approved in writing, you may not describe your integration as a "partnership" or "approved by" or "endorsed by" MotorsportReg. 

Integration Promotion

By integrating with the MotorsportReg API, you agree to not send unsolicited emails or other communications to our platform customers. We may promote your integration using our:

  • "How it works" page
  • In-app "Add Ons" directory
  • Blog posts
  • Support documents (such as these) that detail how the integration works

Under no circumstances will you scrape contact information from our website or API and contact MotorsportReg organizers. Failure to abide by this rule will result in termination of your API access.

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