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The MotorsportReg.com default logo (red and grey) works best on white backgrounds. The single color logos are for the dark and red backgrounds. Reference the exact dark and red colors below.

Download logo kit AI, PNG

Important logo usage
We ask that you give at least a margin the same width as the bottom of the 'M' (see black 'x' below) around all sides with no images appearing behind or touching the logo. Only a flat white, dark or red background (colors referenced below) should be used.

Download logo kit AI, PNG

Powered by MotorsportReg.com

The 'Powered by MotorsportReg.com' logos should be used on a flat white background.


If not using a white background (preferred), the dark and red referenced below is to be used when displaying the logos above.

Dark (For background and heading text)
          RGB (For web)
CMYK (For print)
C 94%, M 78%, Y 49%, K 61%
Red (For accent color and main MotorsportReg red)
          RGB (For web)
CMYK (For print)
C 4%, M 86%, Y 65%, K 0%
Light (For content text)
          RGB (For web)
CMYK (For print)
C 0%, M 0%, Y 0%, K 42%

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