How do elections and surveys work on MSR?

Premium Plan customers may create surveys or hold club elections through Elections are special versions of surveys that guarantee anonymous, aggregated results for a secret ballot.

Club Questions and Event Questions are used to collect responses to your requirements. Different answer types, required or optional, public or private results and a maximum response limit are all possible to support your common data collection needs.

There are several options available:

Like events, each survey is hidden until the Visible flag is set to yes. At that time it will be listed on your landing page and it will accept responses between the start and end dates.

Reordering questions with drag and drop

Members Only

You can enforce member verification on the elections to:

  • Allow only approved members in your parent organization
  • Allow only approved members in your organization
  • How do the last two differ?

    For organizations with National offices like BMW CCA, PCA, SCCA and Audi Club, option 2 refers to anyone with a valid National membership where option 3 would check for a valid chapter or region membership.

    For non-SCCA organizations who must upload a CSV file (at present), options 2 and 3 are in practice the same as there is no differentiation between chapter and national organization.

    results link

    You can also download the raw data. For elections, the results will be locked until the end of the election as set before locked. The results will also only be available in aggregate to protect the secret ballot.

    Lock warning

    Once saved, the following attributes will no longer be editable by the organizer:

    • End date
    • Locked flag

    The results are not visible until after the end date for an election.

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