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Popular Event Template Overview

Here is an overview of some of the most popular event templates in MSR, which can be found by creating a new event and selecting the "Clone Event or Template" option to start. 

Single Track Day Event: A simple registration for one day track day or HPDE event that asks the general track experience questions then allows the attendee to select a run group; novice, intermediate, advanced or instructors.

2-Day Event with Single Day Options: For those organizations interested in creating a two-day event. Whether it is during the week, on Friday and Saturday or Saturday and Sunday - this will allow you to choose event specific days and add as many single day options to your registration as needed. Includes run groups by color.

Banquet: This simple format is a popular option for social gatherings. This will give you the names of your attendees and provide you with a head count of how many will attend.

Banquet with Guests and Meal Options: A second option to the banquet template would be to allow your guests to register and select a meal. This is a fantastic way to add different meal options for your guests to choose from.

Concours d'Elegance - Judged Entry with Lunch: A simple template which asks if the attendee has a display entry or judged entry, spectator entries, provides lunch options and asks for optional guest names.

Gift Certificates Sample: Looking to sell gift certificates? This is the best way! Template questions include instructions on how to redeem, provides gift certificate amounts, the recipients name, and can also provide a special message or any additional comments.

HPDE/Track Day Two Day Event with Cap on Groups: A two-day high-performance driving experience template that asks the attendees experience and what class they will be driving in. Simple and straightforward and includes; novice, intermediate, advanced and super advanced for day 1 and/or day 2.

Rally Sample: Organizing a rally run on open public roads? This template will provide you with space for registration instructions then allow your attendees to register as either a driver or navigator while providing (optional) membership information.

Road Rally Premium Plan: A 2- day event template provides weekend membership option, primary entrant and co-driver picker options

Social/Tour with Lunch and Dinner Options: This is a convenient template for social events or tours. It provides a variety of registration questions, with questions including; is the attendee staying at a resort/hotel? How many guests will be attending? What are the lunch and dinner selections? What is their guest's information?

Weekend Convention Sample: A simplified template for conventions which allows for an attendee to choose either a convention package deal, banquet only, or seminar only options.

Worker/Volunteer Event Sample: An event template, listed as Club Race (update in Basic Settings), for those who want to join the event as a worker/volunteer. This provides 3 optional days they may select to work or an option to work the whole event. May add different work options/types.

Want to give event templates a try? Here's a link with instructions on How to clone an event template

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