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  • What is a member status

    Usage: Identifying active, expired and inactive members in membership-based organizations -Memberships may be renewed through Filter for Reports and Email Blaster App

  • How to Update Membership Status

    While in the member's profile record, click the drop-down arrow to the right of the member status icon  Select the new status from the drop-down list Update

  • How to set up a survey

    Club Profile (club logo or shield icon in the top right) → Surveys & Elections Add new survey (far left) → Set basic settings Create questions  Preview using the Direct Link  Once comp

  • How to run elections

    Club Profile (club logo or shield icon in the top right) → Surveys & Elections Add new survey (far left) → Set basic settings Create questions (use text questions with specified answer list fo

  • What do the different registration statuses mean?

    Attendee Status Graphics Confirmed. Someone has reviewed and confirmed this registration. Uses the small green check in small form: 

  • What are the Event Organizer Permissions?

    When you give a  member access to your account, you can determine the level of access (role) and the specific type of access (permissions) they will have. Roles - 2 levels of Administrative Access

  • How to change an attendee´s registration status

     Select the Event → Registrations Click on the attendee's name to open up their registration Click on the registration status below the attendee's name Select the status from the drop-down

  • Admit a waitlisted attendee

    Event → Registration→Waitlist Select the attendee(s) you'd like to move off of the waitlist by checking the box in front of their name Choose Attendee Status→ Confirmed→ Update  This wil

  • How to delete a registration

    Click on the attendee's name  Click registration status below the name Select "deleted" from the drop-down list → update. You are only able to delete a registration if there is no paymen

  • Edit Credentials

    You can edit the Memberships credentials in the right hand column to edit the status (Pending, Approved, Cancelled) or you can edit the membership ID however the issued and expired dates are not edita

  • How to approve registrations before processing payment

    Premium Plan customers can use this workflow: Set payment for the event to Deferred (that will collect the payment information, but not charge their credit card). You will be notified when

  • How to send an email confirmation to an attendee

    While you are in the attendee's registration Click on the registration status icon below the attendee's name  Check the box to re-send receipt Click the update button. If you have

  • How to issue credits in bulk

    First, put all registrations in a canceled status:  Event → Registrations → Attendees Check the box to the left of the Choose Attendee Status box to select all of the registrations Sele

  • Where do I find my SCCA web service token?

    SCCA National has an excellent web service that allows us to dynamically verify membership status, licenses and electronically remit weekend memberships. The web service token is like a password that

  • How to update permalink (venue or name does not match)

    If you've update the name or venue for your event and the permalink no longer matches, you'll just need to do a quick refresh for the event. Settings → Basic Settings  Update Event Visible?

  • How to manage a membership event

    This is the workflow for manual membership processing:  The attendee registers for your membership event to purchase/renew their membership and this triggers an email to the registrar. The

  • Remove / Disable the Public Attendees List

    You can disable the the public Attendee List and have nothing visible to anyone. Uncheck all of the registration statuses at the top of the page Optionally add a status message to avoid con

  • How season registration works

    You set up one event with all of the events listed in it (with a segment and assigner for each event as well as an assigner for the whole season). Attendees can register for the whole season, each

  • How to cancel your event

    On the Basic Settings page, append "- CANCELLED" to your event name and  Set the Registration close date to yesterday's date and Save.  In the Advertisement section of the Text & Waiver, add s

  • How to merge duplicate accounts

    Members → Merge Duplicate Search for duplicate → Select/check duplicate accounts → View Selected Accounts Review to ensure they are the SAME person → Retain account with login info or the co

  • Returning Organizer Refresher w/video (7 min)

    Returning Event Masters This video gives you an overview of the settings you need to review and highlights the areas you may need to update when creating your new events. It will walk you through t

  • Packages and Inventory

    Perhaps the most key component of a registration, Packages and Inventory are the things you sell and how much you charge Features We have a two-tier system of packages and inventory which sepa