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  • Packages and Inventory

    Perhaps the most key component of a registration, Packages and Inventory are the things you sell and how much you charge Features We have a two-tier system of packages and inventory which sepa

  • How to setup reserved garage rentals

    Setup a permanent number pool for the garages i e. Number pool range 1 - 20 = Garage 1 - 20 Create a garage segment for each day the rentals are available (if each day can be sold separately)

  • Registrations show items that were not purchased

    It sounds like you may have incorrectly linked inventory items to your packages. You will need to look at your packages and make sure only the correct inventory items are selected.  Settings →

  • How to clone an event

    Got a good thing going - why not use it as the starting point for your next event? Jump start your event set-up by cloning an existing one:  Events → Add new event → Clone Previous Event Se