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  • How to Update Membership Status

    While in the member's profile record, click the drop-down arrow to the right of the member status icon  Select the new status from the drop-down list Update

  • What is a member status

    Usage: Identifying active, expired and inactive members in membership-based organizations -Memberships may be renewed through Filter for Reports and Email Blaster App

  • What do the different registration statuses mean?

    Attendee Status Graphics Confirmed. Someone has reviewed and confirmed this registration. Uses the small green check in small form: 

  • Where do I find my SCCA web service token?

    SCCA National has an excellent web service that allows us to dynamically verify membership status, licenses and electronically remit weekend memberships. The web service token is like a password that

  • How to manage a membership event

    This is the workflow for manual membership processing:  The attendee registers for your membership event to purchase/renew their membership and this triggers an email to the registrar. The