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  • Form Layout

    The middle form layout pane in the Form Builder controls the order and nesting of the registration form. Simply drag an item from the parts bin or reposition one within the form layout. The flexibilit

  • How to setup reserved garage rentals

    Setup a permanent number pool for the garages i e. Number pool range 1 - 20 = Garage 1 - 20 Create a garage segment for each day the rentals are available (if each day can be sold separately)

  • How to Add a Text Block

    Text blocks allow you to insert text, links and images anywhere in the registration form.  Registration Form → Form Layout Click the plus icon at the top → Add New → Text Block  Drag th

  • How to enforce a late fee or early bird discount

    Settings  →  Registration Form → Parts Bin  → Add New → Package Label the late fee or early bird package (ie. $20 late fee or $-20 early bird discount)  Set the min, max & default to 1 (

  • How to use the Text Block as a 1-line divider

    Here is a little trick for getting a single-line text block:  Enter a space in the Title Box Enter your heading in the Content Box Save.  It will appear in the Form Layout as

  • How to add an assigner

    The little blue car is the symbol we use on the Registration Form to denote an assigner.  Create an assigner in the Parts Bin and select the information you want to collect. Then drag

  • How to create a validation rule (enforce membership)

    Settings →  Registration Form Tab  Select the item in the form layout (middle pane) you'd like to enforce the membership or validation rule on Click Add Rule  Set parameters  Members

  • Error messages and system notifications

    This doc will cover a few of the error messages you may encounter as you make adjustments to your events. These notifications help prevent mistakes and are typically a quick fix to resolve. Common

  • Returning Organizer Refresher w/video (7 min)

    Returning Event Masters This video gives you an overview of the settings you need to review and highlights the areas you may need to update when creating your new events. It will walk you through t

  • Why are attendees missing from reports or the public attendee list

    If you have attendees missing from your public attendee list or reports, the most common culprit is missing  assigners. If you have missing assigners, this can be resolved in a 3 step process. 

  • How to clone an event

    Got a good thing going - why not use it as the starting point for your next event? Jump start your event set-up by cloning an existing one:  Events → Add new event → Clone Previous Event Se

  • How to fix missing validation rule targets

    It is possible (but rare) for a validation rule (either Require or Make Unavailable) to be created without selecting an element to act against (the "target"). When this happens, the registration form

  • How do I limit entries by group

    In order to limit entries by group, you'll need packages and  assigners for each group on the registration form. Skip to video tutorial Create packages for each group → Limit the entries to

  • Packages and Inventory

    Perhaps the most key component of a registration, Packages and Inventory are the things you sell and how much you charge Features We have a two-tier system of packages and inventory which sepa

  • What are Event Questions

    Event questions collect arbitrary data from the user during registration. Anything that our system does not collect by default may be collected with one or more event questions. This data will be coll

  • Prep Shop Registration

    Frequently Prep Shop crew show up at Registration and do not know the driver they are crewing for. This makes the task of checking them in difficult. In order to simplify that for everyone, Sue Green

  • Text & Waiver | How to update advertisement, waiver and confirmation email

    The four steps below of the registration process can be tailored per event: Advertisement - first page from your direct link or the calendar Pre-Registration Requirements - more det

  • How does the co-driver picker work? (Long Doc)

    Co-Driver Pickers are a Premium Plan feature that allow participants to share vehicles and form teams. Placing a Co-Driver Picker on your registration form will allow one attendee to pick another to i