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  • How to send an email to your attendees

    Event → Registrations → Email Blaster Change any of the filtering options and click Compose Message Enter the Subject and your email content Send Message Now. Note: Only staff and eventmasters with bo

  • Enter Banking Info

    You can  enter your banking information for the first time by using this link.  Note: You must have the "eventmaster" role in your admin permission to update the banking information. 

  • How to give someone admin access to your account

    If you have the Eventmaster role, you can grant other members in your organization the appropriate level of access to your account. Go to Members Search to locate the member's record or Add New (optio

  • What are the Event Organizer Permissions?

    When you give a  member access to your account, you can determine the level of access (role) and the specific type of access (permissions) they will have. Roles - 2 levels of Administrative Access Eve