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  • How to create discount codes

    Club Profile →  Discount Codes →  Add new discount Enter the following parameters for your discount code:  Code: this is the actual code you hand out to people Amount: the amount of

  • How to redeem a discount code for an attendee

    Open the registration → click link for 'credit card' under Monies due Enter discount code at the top of the payment screen Scroll to the bottom & click 'Skip Payment' to process just the disco

  • Last Minute Track Junkies email blast

    If your organization needs help filling a event, we can send an email blast to our opt-in list of tens of thousands of potential attendees. Most blasts reach between 2,000 and 6,000 enthusiasts (no wo

  • Packages and Inventory

    Perhaps the most key component of a registration, Packages and Inventory are the things you sell and how much you charge Features We have a two-tier system of packages and inventory which sepa