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  • What is deferred payment processing?

    Deferred payment processing allows you to collect payment information at time of registration but not charge the account until some arbitrary later date. This could be  when confirming a regist

  • How do I process deferred payments?

    You can charge individual attendees by clicking the green charge my account button in the payment section of their registration.  Or, follow these steps to charge them all at once:  Go to th

  • How do I make payment optional?

    Using our deferred payment processing, you can occasionally allow attendees to register online but pay offline. The workflow is similar to making a hotel reservation:  Set the event up for defe

  • Why are you sending emails to my attendees for payment?

    When payments fail, we follow up on your behalf to automatically resolve the outstanding balances which is a process known as "dunning". Here´s how it works -- anytime an account on file is declined,