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  • Why does my dashboard show more entries than my reports or public attendees list?

    There are a few different reason your dashboard may be showing more entries than your reports or public attendee list. Below are links to each troubleshooting topic related to this issue. Causes for m

  • How to sign in as an administrator/event organizer

    Your login credentials (username & password) are the same whether you are logging in as administrator or an attendee, the only difference is where you log in.  Use the  Organizer link In the upper rig

  • Why does my member report show more attendees than my event?

    There are two different classifications of the people in your organization:  your member database (people subscribed to your organization) and attendees that have registered for your events. A person

  • How to Create An Admin Package

    To remove the balance due from appearing on Attendee's accounts: Create an Admin Package: Locate the event from the Dashboard or Events →  Settings → Registration Form Tab Parts Bin →  plus sign, Add

  • Returning Organizer Refresher w/video (7 min)

    Returning Event Masters This video gives you an overview of the settings you need to review and highlights the areas you may need to update when creating your new events. It will walk you through the

  • New Look & Feel

    The MotorsportReg product team has developed a new interface design for event organizers. This new layout and navigation also uses an all-new technology and is the foundation for many exciting new imp