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  • What is a Club Question?

    Club questions are used to collect information that is unique to your organization that tend not to vary from event to event.   This information will be collected when a user adds your organization

  • How do attendees access club questions?

    Club questions are presented to returning users that haven't logged in within the past 90 days when they register for their next event. If a user returns in the meantime, they can find the club questi

  • What are Event Questions

    Event questions collect arbitrary data from the user during registration. Anything that our system does not collect by default may be collected with one or more event questions. This data will be coll

  • How do elections and surveys work on MSR?

    Premium Plan customers may create surveys or hold club elections through Elections are special versions of surveys that guarantee anonymous, aggregated results for a secret ballot.

  • New Look & Feel

    The MotorsportReg product team has developed a new interface design for event organizers. This new layout and navigation also uses an all-new technology and is the foundation for many exciting new imp