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  • What are class modifiers

    Class modifiers are designed to support options such as  PAX indexing in SCCA-style In Autocross the class modifier is a secondary designation that is appended to the class in certain reports (such

  • How to create a segment

    Event → Settings → Segments → Add new Segment Optionally enter a number configuration, and specify the classes, class modifiers (PAX), and groups and Save. 

  • How do I enforce Class/PAX combinations?

    Autocross/Solo Indexed Class Validation Autocross/Solo groups frequently use class modifiers to support indexed classes and PAX/RTP competition. We offer specialized support through two Modifier-re

  • What are Event Questions

    Event questions collect arbitrary data from the user during registration. Anything that our system does not collect by default may be collected with one or more event questions. This data will be coll