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  • Why doesn't my event show up on the calendar?

    There can be multiple reasons that your event is not showing up on the public calendar:  1. On the Basic Settings page, check that you Event Visible? set to "Public on calendar and search engines"

  • How to delete an event

    Event → Settings → Delete (bottom of basic settings page) Confirm the deletion.  The link to delete the event is right next to the Save button at the bottom of the screen.

  • How do I suspend my event?

    Settings → Basic Settings  Toggle Suspend Registrations? to Yes When suspending an event, it's best to add a note to the text & waiver section to remind your attendees to come back and regis

  • How to test registration prior to opening an event

    Set the registration open date to the current date Keep event set to private Send the the direct link (from the Basic Settings page) to the first page of registration to your helpers If yo

  • How to open an event for registration

    Go to the Settings of the event →  Basic Settings  Under Event Visible? toggle to Public on calendar and search engines →  Save     By default, a new or freshly-cloned event will default to

  • How to approve registrations before processing payment

    Premium Plan customers can use this workflow: Set payment for the event to Deferred (that will collect the payment information, but not charge their credit card). You will be notified when

  • How to update permalink (venue or name does not match)

    If you've update the name or venue for your event and the permalink no longer matches, you'll just need to do a quick refresh for the event. Settings → Basic Settings  Update Event Visible?

  • Add or Update Venue

    You can add venues in your Club Profile.  Club Profile → Tracks/Venues → Add New Track/Venue Enter all of the venue information Save. The venue you just added will now be availabl

  • My cloned event has last year´s attendees

    The registrations/attendee list is not something that is copied over when you clone an event. Since you are seeing attendees listed, it is likely that just the dates of the existing event were changed

  • Lock Dates - How to prevent edits to specific packages and questions?

    To allow attendee's to edit their registration but prevent specific items from being edited on the form you'll want to: Turn post-reg editing on (basic settings page) Registration form →  S

  • How to set up a survey

    Club Profile (club logo or shield icon in the top right) → Surveys & Elections Add new survey (far left) → Set basic settings Create questions  Preview using the Direct Link  Once comp

  • How to run elections

    Club Profile (club logo or shield icon in the top right) → Surveys & Elections Add new survey (far left) → Set basic settings Create questions (use text questions with specified answer list fo

  • How to customize a cloned event

    When an event is cloned, it copies everything from the prior event including the advertisement material. To get the new event ready: Update the Text & Waiver sections  Make ay pricing chang

  • How to cancel your event

    On the Basic Settings page, append "- CANCELLED" to your event name and  Set the Registration close date to yesterday's date and Save.  In the Advertisement section of the Text & Waiver, add s

  • Where do I find the link to my event?

    Each event has a permalink that will direct potential attendees to your event details. You'll find the link in the upper right on the Basic Settings page for your event. Premium plan customers can c

  • How to use Iframe to embed an MSR event on your website

    Essentially you are going to embed an MSR page on your website.  You can do it on an event by event basis, or you can embed the landing page with links to all of your events. Here is an example of

  • Event Deposits

    You can set up your event so that you can charge a deposit now and collect the remaining balance at a later date. 1. Payment Setting: On the Basic Settings page → Online Payment, click the button f

  • Returning Organizer Refresher w/video (7 min)

    Returning Event Masters This video gives you an overview of the settings you need to review and highlights the areas you may need to update when creating your new events. It will walk you through t

  • Form Layout

    The middle form layout pane in the Form Builder controls the order and nesting of the registration form. Simply drag an item from the parts bin or reposition one within the form layout. The flexibilit