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  • Admit a waitlisted attendee

    Event → Registration→Waitlist Select the attendee(s) you'd like to move off of the waitlist by checking the box in front of their name Choose Attendee Status→ Confirmed→ Update  This wil

  • How to issue credits in bulk

    First, put all registrations in a canceled status:  Event → Registrations → Attendees Check the box to the left of the Choose Attendee Status box to select all of the registrations Sele

  • What do the different registration statuses mean?

    Attendee Status Graphics Confirmed. Someone has reviewed and confirmed this registration. Uses the small green check in small form: 

  • Returning Organizer Refresher w/video (7 min)

    Returning Event Masters This video gives you an overview of the settings you need to review and highlights the areas you may need to update when creating your new events. It will walk you through t