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  • How do I process deferred payments?

    You can charge individual attendees by clicking the green charge my account button in the payment section of their registration.  Or, follow these steps to charge them all at once:  Go to the Event → 

  • What kind of reporting do you have?

    The majority of the reports in our system are formatted like a spreadsheet with rows and columns for information. These reports can be customized, filtered, exported and saved by. We have over 50

  • How to view outstanding credits

    Reports  Accounting Reports  Outstanding Credits  Credits are listed from oldest to newest. Attendees can view their credits under the 'My Account' section of their MSR profile. 

  • How do I suspend my event?

    Settings → Basic Settings  Toggle Suspend Registrations? to Yes When suspending an event, it's best to add a note to the text & waiver section to remind your attendees to come back and register once r

  • How do you create a gift certificate?

    We have a template for that! Go to Events and select Add New Event: Choose Event or Template: Select Gift Card Certificate Sample Edit and Save as you so choose! Select a calendar year time frame so

  • How to set a release date on numbers

    To release any reserved numbers x days before an event you'll want to:  Club Profile → Permanent Numbers Select the Pool Name to edit the settings  Under Reserve Expiry set the number of days out from

  • How to clone an event

    Got a good thing going - why not use it as the starting point for your next event? Jump start your event set-up by cloning an existing one: Events → Add new event → Clone Previous Event Select the

  • How to have 2 MSR windows open

    You can have a second MSR window open but you can't navigate in two accounts concurrently.  What you can do is  Run a report in one window/tab and leave it on screen   Navigate between the attendees i

  • New FB - New Form Builder FAQ's

    What are the changes to the Form Builder? Where did my assigners go? How do I create a package - Collections, what are they? How do I update my segments? How do I update my inventory? How do I add a

  • How to Auto-Assign numbers

    You can assign numbers in batch: Event → Registrations → Assignments Select the Segments you want numbers for- uncheck the others → Click Update (To reveal those who need numbers) In the Auto Assign f

  • How do I send an email from reports?

    Reports are a great tool to Event → Registrations → Reports  Select your report and click the → Filter/Group/Sort button Apply any of the filtering options to limit your list and click Continue Click

  • Where do I find the link to my event?

    Each event has a permalink that will direct potential attendees to your event details. You'll find the link in the upper right on the Basic Settings page for your event. Premium plan customers can cre

  • How to create & use a permanent number pool

    Using a permanent number pool as part of your registration forces attendees to select from a list of available numbers instead of typing in whatever number they want (and possibly creating

  • How to get the fields you need on a report

    While you are in a report, you can customize the content:  Click Edit  *Fields on the left are available fields and the ones on the right are currently on the report Double-click OR select and use the

  • How to customize a cloned event

    When an event is cloned, it copies everything from the prior event including the advertisement material. To get the new event ready: Update the Text & Waiver sections  Make ay pricing changes on the R

  • How to require Date of Birth

    Birth Date is an optional field that is part of the core profile data such as email address, name and phone numbers. The date of birth and our auto-calculated age field can be very useful for membersh

  • MyLaps Orbits Integration Guide

    MyLaps Orbits (formerly AMB) is the predominant transponder-based timing and scoring software used by road racing organizations in North America. Orbits is a flexible software which works well with Mo

  • How to manage account relationships

    Account relationships allow a team manager or parent to register for events on behalf of a team member or child.  A parent account can: Register for events on behalf of the child account. Use their ow

  • Can I import my members?

    Can I import my existing member database? We can perform a custom member import for a modest fee and agreement from your organization to a 24 month exclusive commitment to MSR. The import fee is

  • Last Minute Track Junkies email blast

    If your organization needs help filling an event, we can send an email blast to our opt-in list of tens of thousands of potential attendees. Most blasts reach between 2,000 and 6,000 enthusiasts (no