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  • How do I add entry information (class/group/number) to an existing registration?

    Entry information can be added to an existing registration when needed:  Go to Registrations and  Click on the attendee's name to pull up their registration Edit or Add New Assignment Enter the assign

  • Why are attendees missing from reports or the public attendee list

    If you have attendees missing from your public attendee list or reports, the most common culprit is missing assigners. If you have missing assigners, this can be resolved in a 3 step process.  Check y

  • How do I limit entries by group

    In order to limit entries by group, you'll need packages and  assigners for each group on the registration form. Skip to video tutorial Create packages for each group → Limit the entries to each group

  • What is an assigner and do I need one?

    If you want attendee's names to show up on reports and the public attendee list,  you need an assigner (little blue car). Assigners collect entry information, like: The attendee's name   The vehicle y

  • How to setup reserved garage rentals

    Setup a permanent number pool for the garages i e. Number pool range 1 - 20 = Garage 1 - 20 Create a garage segment for each day the rentals are available (if each day can be sold separately) Create p

  • Assign Instructors in Batch

    The student-instructor assigner currently operates on a single  segment of the event. Start by filtering to the portion of the event you're interested in: Once filtered, the following grid will be pre

  • Why do my attendees appear twice in my reports or public attendees list

    This is typically caused by a misplaced assigner on the form. This issue is resolved in two steps: Locate the misplaced assigner & update the reg form Remove the duplicated assignment from the attende

  • How to add an assigner

    The little blue car is the symbol we use on the Registration Form to denote an assigner.  Create an assigner in the Parts Bin and select the information you want to collect. Then drag the assigner ont

  • How to Auto-Assign numbers

    You can assign numbers in batch: Event → Registrations → Assignments Select the Segments you want numbers for- uncheck the others → Click Update (To reveal those who need numbers) In the Auto Assign f

  • How to update an assigner

    If you want to change the entry information you are collecting, you can edit the assigner.  Event → Settings → Registration Form In the Parts Bin on the left hand side, click on the assigner Edit the

  • How to update entry information collected (assigner)

    Edit the assigner to change the information you are capturing: Click on the Registration Form tab In the Parts Bin → click on the assigner Edit the assigner information in the right-hand pane Save. Th

  • Why does my dashboard show more entries than my reports or public attendees list?

    There are a few different reason your dashboard may be showing more entries than your reports or public attendee list. Below are links to each troubleshooting topic related to this issue. Causes for m

  • What are Event Questions

    Event questions collect arbitrary data from the user during registration. Anything that our system does not collect by default may be collected with one or more event questions. This data will be coll

  • How does the co-driver picker work? (Long Doc)

    Co-Driver Pickers are a Premium Plan feature that allow participants to share vehicles and form teams. Placing a Co-Driver Picker on your registration form will allow one attendee to pick another to i

  • Error messages and system notifications

    This doc will cover a few of the error messages you may encounter as you make adjustments to your events. These notifications help prevent mistakes and are typically a quick fix to resolve. Common Err

  • Why can't I see the information I want to collect in the assigner?

    The information (class, group etc) has to be set up in the Club Profile and then selected in the Segment before you can choose it in the assigner. Make sure you've set up the information you are tryin

  • Why can't I see groups, classes or numbers on the Attendee List?

    You can only display the information you are collecting. Here are a few things to check:  You have checked those things you want to display in the Attendee List. Your assigner is collecting the inform

  • How to use vehicle questions

    Custom vehicle questions are questions that can be added to the vehicle profile. A few examples of questions that can be used here are:  Vehicle Approvals (if you require an admin to review / approve

  • How to export a number pool

    Club Profile → Permanent Numbers Click on Assign Numbers for the number pool you want to Export Export Numbers (lefthand side) Download Export

  • How to manually reserve a permanent number for an attendee

    Settings → Permanent Numbers  Assign Numbers  Search for the attendee, click on their name once it appears →  Enter their number →  Add 

  • Public Number Pools

    Public Pools It is common for multiple chapters or regions in to want to share a set of reserved or permanent numbers such as SCCA Club Racing where all regions in a Division want to

  • How season registration works

    You set up one event with all of the events listed in it (with a segment and assigner for each event as well as an assigner for the whole season). Attendees can register for the whole season, each ind

  • What is the unique id field?

    Unique Id is just a unique number per person. We assign it automatically. It is per person, so yeah, same id in multiple events The attendee's unique id is displayed in the assignments row of a single

  • Prep Shop Registration

    Frequently Prep Shop crew show up at Registration and do not know the driver they are crewing for. This makes the task of checking them in difficult. In order to simplify that for everyone, Sue Green

  • What is a Co-Driver Picker? (Short Description)

    The Co-Driver picker essentially allows two registrations to be linked together and share an assignment (vehicle,class etc). When using the co-driver picker, the primary driver registers first then th

  • How do I enforce Class/PAX combinations?

    Autocross/Solo Indexed Class Validation Autocross/Solo groups frequently use class modifiers to support indexed classes and PAX/RTP competition. We offer specialized support through two Modifier-relat

  • Returning Organizer Refresher w/video (7 min)

    Returning Event Masters This video gives you an overview of the settings you need to review and highlights the areas you may need to update when creating your new events. It will walk you through the

  • All you ever wanted to know about setting up a permanent number pool.

    Setting up a Permanent Number Pool The Number Manager allows for one or more "number pools," each of which can be later employed by an event segment to control numbers for that segment. There are a va

  • Packages and Inventory

    Perhaps the most key component of a registration, Packages and Inventory are the things you sell and how much you charge Features We have a two-tier system of packages and inventory which separate the