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  • How do I enable/disable American Express payments?

    Club Profile  →  Account Options Under Premium Plan Options  → Uncheck or check the box for American Express  Update Options  Because of higher merchant fees, if AMX is enabled - Americ

  • How do I turn membership verification on?

    Whether you are verifying against a national member database, uploading a file, or manually entering membership number and expiration date, you need to enable membership verification processing: 

  • How to Update Email Notifications (on Join, on Reg, on Payment)

    Club Profile  →  Account Options  Add email to desired notifications  Update Options.

  • How to upload a membership file

    Premium plan customers can handle membership upload a CSV file as their verification source. Generally this is a file provided monthly by a national organization or generated from their membership sys

  • When will I receive my first deposit?

    All deposits are subject to a 3-day rolling reserve which means your deposit will include registration payments made from 3 days prior to your scheduled deposit date. Charges are grouped into deposits