Tech Sessions - 2021

2021 Tech Sessions MSR presentations, view the complete event listing at

Below are links to the discussion and recordings from each session on the Hagerty Community page:
2/2 Technology Tuesday
Wes Ratcliff - SpeedWaiver, Electronic Waivers for Motorsports
Ross Bentley, Keynote

2/3 Growth & Promotion Wednesday
Claire Williams & Ben Walmer - Email Marketing: Nail the Basics
Frank Schwartz - How to Increase Class Participation part 1
Frank Schwartz - How to Increase Class Participation part 2

2/4 Operations Thursday
Jeff Jacobs - Autocross & Rallycross Event Site Acquisition
Chuck Tucker - Better HPDE Classroom Instruction
Scot Elkins - 10 Things to Look for on your Track Safety Inspection

2/9 Technology Tuesday 
Brendan Kaczmarek - Getting Started with Livestreaming
Steve Page - Keynote

2/10 Growth & Promotion Wednesday 
Christina Nielsen & Mariana Small - Where are the Women in Motorsports?
David Vodden - 10 Things Racetracks Wish Clubs Knew
Scot Elkins & Eric Meyer - How to Grow and Retain Quality Volunteer HPDE Instructors

2/11 Operations Thursday 
Lauri Eberhart - Stay Out of Jail Free: A Legal Review
Sajeev Mehta - Virtual Driver's Meetings

2/16 Technology Tuesday 
Shae Petersen - Online Membership, Licensing and Credentialing
McKeel Hagerty - Keynote

2/17 Growth & Promotion Wednesday
Jim Hemig - Membership Chair: The Most Important Role in your Club
Jim Hemig - Running a Sim Racing Series
Julie Gu-Scallen - Plan your Promotion to Win

2/18 Operations Thursday 
Paul Underwood - Can We Avoid the Lawsuit?
Tim Moravec - How to Succeed at Awards Without Really Trying
Wyndi Marston - 10 Pre-Event Tips to Increase Participation

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