SpeedWaiver Best Practice Tips

SpeedWaiver deployment for Guests at an event

Kiosk - bookmark your SpeedWaiver page on an iPad and turn it into a kiosk that guest can use to sign the waiver when they show up at the event.

QR codes - these can be printed (from the Basic Settings page) and posted at entry points where guests can scan them with their cell phone cameras and be prompted to sign the waiver.

No SmartPhone? Use a Computer

To complete the SpeedWaiver via computer:

  • Click on the SpeedWaiver link that the organization sends you
  • Enter name and phone number
  • You will then receive a text with an additional link
  • Write down the link text exactly as it appears in the text and type it into the computer's URL (You can also copy the link from the phone and paste it into an email that you can send to yourself, if easier for you!)
  • Follow prompts to complete - including allowing computer to access webcam to take your photo.

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