Updating your EIN, Address & Stripe Verification

It's rare, but every once in awhile your business will need to change it's address or even need to change it's EIN. It's important to keep this information up to date within MotorsportReg so we can send you the necessary 1099k, if you are due one that year. You can do that Click here to update your EIN or Address.

It is important that the information you enter for your legal name and tax ID number exactly match the information displayed on your official IRS-issued documentation, such as your SS-4 confirmation letter or your Letter 147C (the record of how your entity is filed with the IRS).

The IRS may display business name, and/or owner name, and/or organization name, or other unexpected combinations of information in their records. It is a common naming convention for LLCs to include both the owner name and the business name.

For Stripe to verify this information with the IRS systems, the  full name must be entered exactly as displayed on these forms, including upper/lower case, symbols, and punctuation placement. When in doubt, enter all information listed above the business address. If there are several lines above the address, enter all details on one line separated by single spaces.

If your legal name and tax ID on file match the info on your SS-4 confirmation letter and Stripe is unable to verify it with IRS records, it’s best to call the IRS and request a Letter 147C (the record of how your entity is filed with the IRS). If Stripe is still unable to verify the information on your recently obtained Letter 147C, upload a copy of your Letter 147C to the Dashboard.

For more information, please refer to this document here: https://support.stripe.com/questions/using-irs-documentation-as-reference-when-entering-business-name-and-tax-id-number-tin-for-us-based-businesses

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