Registration Check-In Training Doc


  1. Open the Driver Reg or Worker Reg icon on the desktop.
  2. Enter your username & password.
  3. Search for the driver or worker by first or last name.
  4. Follow the instructions on each page, clicking “ Mark as done ” when you have completed each step.
  5. The top bar icons will turn green as each step is completed:
  6. A person is ready to go when the top bar turns green! If it’s not green, there’s something left to do.
  • Any changes/edits to the driver and crew registration must be handled by the National office ( located in the small building near the fuel pumps) prior to check-in.
  • Any Prep-shop edits must be made by Sue Green.
  • Driver/Crew/Prep-shop registration and Worker registration happen in separate events. You might start by asking “Are you a driver, crew, or worker?”
  • Need help? Click on the live chat bubble on the bottom right side on the first page of the check-in tool. On the next screen, click “Ask” then “Chat” to get connected directly with MSR!
  • The top bar is for navigation only, the bottom bar saves the registration information! 
  • The entrant should be listed as a crew if they are NOT another driver or listed on someone else's registration as crew.
  • If Over-crew wants to pay for themselves, use the Square (see Sue).
  • Check the Prep-shop crew person in, not the Prep-shop itself (see image to the left).

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