No wifi at the track? How to get internet in remote locations

Using during your event requires internet access, what do you do if no internet is available?  Here are a few suggestions to get you up and running.

Hotspot from your smartphone or tablet.  

A dedicated pay-as-you-go hotspot/jetpack is usually nicer than using a phone if you can because it is also a wifi hotspot and can handle 10 devices. 

If you race at multiple locations you may run into an additional challenge: Location A is good on Verizon but Verizon stinks at Location B. Having a hotspot for at least Verizon and AT&T seems to provide good coverage. There are slightly more expensive options that support multi-sim or you can swap the sim in and out. Anything built for traveling internationally would support that.

If you are out in the sticks or have poor access, an external antenna can really help.

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