What are the changes to the parts bin?

The parts bin may look different but it maintains all of the same functionality as the classic form builder. The main difference to the parts bin is that it is accessed by clicking Parts Bin instead of always visible. You are still able to:

  • Drag parts onto your form layout.
  • Create new parts to use on your form.
  • Re-order parts in the parts bin. 
  • Clone parts.
  • Delete parts you no longer need.

A few minor changes to be aware of in the new parts bin:

  1. The co-driver picker is now called a Team Picker and can be added just like any other form question.
  2. Branches and Groups have been renamed to "Collections" with two types that better describe how they behave on the form – Pick one within and Pick many within. Pick one within (formerly Group) allows an attendee to select one option from the items nested within the collection. Pick many within (formerly Branch) allows an attendee to select multiple options. 

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